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Pastor Kimball L Boyd

Pastor Kimball a native of Clarksville Tennessee, who’s affectionately known as the ALL IN leader… He’s known for his amazing work ethics as he has worked so diligently in the kingdom of God. He served as Elder and Prison Ministry leader of the Titus Harvest Dome Spectrum Church in Jacksonville Florida from 1991-2003. He relocated to Atlanta Georgia, where he joined World Changers and served as a faithful member and traveled with the prison ministry from 2003-2013.The beginning of 2013 he decided to partner with Harvest Springs Ministries to help carry the vision. It was then that he became ALL IN.. He worked so hard to lift the load of ministry for the leaders of the church. He began teaching bible study on Wednesday and some Sunday services. It was in 2014 when he accepted the assignment to help Pastor Nikki run with the vision of the ministry. In October 2016 Elder Kimball Boyd was ordained as Pastor Kimball Boyd under the leadership of Bishop I.V & Pastor Bridget Hilliard of New Light Christian Church, Houston Tx. Pastor Kimball has successfully helped Pastor Nikki launch the Legacy ALC Heart Awareness Foundation, in November 2016 In Honor of the founder. This foundation was founded to educate families who have loved ones with a diagnosis of CHF, High Blood Pressure, and Diabetes. Annually the ministry will host a health education day to help save the lives of others. Pastor Kimball continues to run with the vision that was founded In July 2008 as he and his wife partner together to finish strong. Together they have 6 children and 2 grand kids . 

Pastor Nikki P. Canady-Boyd

Pastor Nikki is a teacher, preacher, servant and author who is in love with God Almighty. A native of Jacksonville Florida. At an early age the Lord began to deal with her heavy concerning the call on her life. Running from this call, she chose the fast lifestyle of trafficking, selling, and using drugs.

The Lord made a swift transition within her life, as he called her to marry her high school sweetheart, the late Pastor Adrian L. Canady in January 1993 and they remained as a union until his departure November 2014. Faced with a life altering encounter, Pastor Nikki would carry the ministry that was founded by her and her late husband. After his untimely departure is when she realized it was now time to demonstrate everything she was taught by her mentor and late husband. Pressing beyond the pressure, destined to fulfill the God given purpose is what she is called to do.

While traveling extensively across the country for a number of years, she found her passion for helping young men & women with her similar backgrounds. Pastor Nikki’s heart goes out to abused women, young ladies, and teen mothers. Lives have been changed through her ministry as she allows the Lord to unmask her, while sharing real life issues, and relate them to the Word of God allowing deliverance to take place.

Pastor Nikki founded “Spiritual Diaries in the Word” women’s ministries, every 3rd Saturday she sets aside this time to hear the heart of the women, have lunch and prepare special outings for them to enjoy each other. Pastor Nikki is currently enrolled in Liberty University where she is pursuing a Bachelor degree in Theology with a minor in Biblical Studies. Pastor Nikki launched the very first Birthing God’s Purpose Conference in October 2013 and it continues every other year! October 2015, was the release of Pastor Nikki’s first of many writing’s which is currently blessing the lives of God’s people. November 2016 Pastor Nikki launched The Legacy ALC Heart Awareness Foundation, In Honor of her late husband this foundation was founded to educate families who have loved ones with a diagnosis of CHF, High Blood Pressure, and Diabetes. Annually the ministry will host a health education day to help save the lives of others. Pastor Nikki completed the required hours to become a Certified Christian Life Coach in August 2018.

Pastor Nikki received her first Honorary Doctoral Degree Of Divinity with St Thomas Christian University In November 2018 following an additional Honor December 2018 she received her second Honorary Doctoral Degree Of Theology at School Of The Great Commission Theological Seminary. May 2019 Pastor Nikki received her Associates of Arts Religion from Liberty University.

Harvest Springs Ministries is covered by Bishop I.V & Pastor Bridget Hilliard of New Light Christian Church, Houston Tx . As the Lord continues to elevate her from faith to faith and glory to glory she will continue strong in the faith walk of life. Pastor Nikki realizes that the enthusiasm and love for people has made her an inspiration to so many, and for this cause, she is determined to serve God and his people. Pastor Nikki continues to run with the vision that was founded July 2008 with the assistance of her current husband Pastor Kimball Boyd together they have 6 children and 2 grand kids.

Learn more at www.pastornikkiministries.com